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Broken Art Glass Repair

The island of Murano carries a centuries-old reputation for artisan glass production, and Murano glass art continues to be cherished as a valuable collectable for both art enthusiasts and homeowners. From smaller sculptures to 18th century chandeliers, Murano glass carries with it a rich history of tradition, as well unique Asian and Middle Eastern influences. Because of its popularity and historical significance, Murano glass continues to retain its value over time. However, broken glass art like Murano glass not only represents a loss of investment, but it also robs us of an important tradition. While you may think a broken or damaged item is lost to you forever, an expert in Murano glass sculpture repair may be able to restore your work so that you can keep that bit of precious craftsmanship for years to come.

How Do I Know if Someone is Qualified to Work On Murano Glass?

Glass restoration requires extensive training, experience, and a thorough knowledge base on both historical and modern glass construction. From the original materials to the unique creation techniques, glass art and sculptures are a tapestry of influences. Someone with rudimentary glass working experience cannot fully understand or repair Murano glass with any degree of finesse. However, a recognized glass restorer, like Michael Bokrosh of Bokrosh Studio, brings a wealth of education and experience so that the repair process has the best chance for success. With over four decades in the industry, and training from renowned artisans around the globe, Bokrosh is recognized for excellence, precision, and superior customer service. Whether you need to repair a Murano chandelier, or to repair blown glass, Bokrosh’s extensive restoration portfolio demonstrates his commitment to salvaging glass art while respecting and retaining its original brilliance.

Your Murano glass deserves the very best, and with Bokrosh Studio, you can trust that your investment will be handled with the respect and care it needs. Call Bokrosh Studio today to for information on glass restoration and how you can recover that piece of history with expert repair services.
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