Restore Your Glass Art and Preserve a Piece of History with the Help of Bokrosh Studio

Throughout history, we have seen some incredible glass artists create masterpieces that transcend imagination. Their iconic works range from glass sculptures to chandeliers of every size and scope imaginable.

While these artists have left an indelible mark on our collective art history, glass art is one of the most vulnerable medias of all. While sculptures and paintings often face damage, they’re still much more resilient than glass. Likewise, they can often be restored to almost-new condition, which is why so many iconic works have stood the test of time. Glass, on the other hand, is susceptible to damage and breakage and frequently restorable, but not like other mediums. Without the knowledge that glass art is restorable we often see many glass sculptures lost forever.

That said, expert glass restoration can often repair cracks or flaws, or create a solution that blends in as seamlessly as possible into the original work. Unfortunately, qualified glass restoration experts are rare, and not just any glass artist can tackle delicate repair projects. Those that can, like west coast-based Michael Bokrosh, have trained for years under renowned glass masters, and have years, if not decades, of training and experience. As with many artistic mediums, it takes highly specialized knowledge and vision, along with a natural “feel” for the work, for the artist to grow into a recognized expert.

From his restoration of Murano glass, William Morris glass repair, and Bertil Vallien glass repair, Michael Bokrosh has earned such a reputation. William Morris, Bertil Vallien, and Stanislav Libensky are some of the top glass art sculptures that Bokrosh glass restoration studio has successfully fomented and all restoration work is confidential.

Bokrosh Studio has extensive experience with William Morris, Bertil Vallien and Libensky glass sculpture repair as well as over 46 years of glass repair knowledge in general—you can be assured that your glass sculpture will be in safe hands at Bokrosh Studios in Seattle.

Are you looking for professional Libensky repair specialist whether in New York, San Francisco, Florida or Los Angeles? Do not be afraid of moving your large sculpture as Bokrosh Studio has been performing glass sculpture repair and creating large original glass sculptures since 1985. Please Contact our repair and restoration professionals by calling (206) 860-9748 today. Either way, you will have peace of mind knowing that we are restoring your glass sculpture artwork to its original quality and you can once again enjoy their beauty.


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