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The Art of Glass Restoration

Daum Glass Repair ExpertA riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. How else do you explain the restoration of exquisite hand crafted glass? A jigsaw puzzle of broken glass requires the finest touch to restore it to its intended purpose. Since the beginning of time, craftsmen have been creating the most beautiful glass for our enjoyment, however sometimes these artistic wonders can get damaged.

Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance glass are some of the most amazing creations of stained glass. Artists such as Tiffany brought this gift into the 20th century with pieces that would not only take your breath away but are still a welcome and shrewd investment to this day.

But how do you deal with a historic piece should it meet with an untimely demise? Glass restoration is practiced by a few artisans such as Bokrosh Studio that have studied the finer techniques of the creation and subsequent restoration of glass. Their talent lies in the ability to assess the damage and recreate the original piece with the least amount of work.

Starting with the largest pieces, the puzzle is put together piece by piece until the original work comes back to life. Using a minimal amount of adhesive, the glass restoration is accomplished but not without a significant amount of time and patience. Making a mistake with one of the pieces can cause untold problems and could possibly force the restorer to start again.

Often times, it can take months to complete fine glass repair due to the application of the adhesive and the length of time it takes for the adhesive to harden. Probably, the most difficult part of the repair is carefully replacing the miniscule little chips that fragment when the glass is broken. Precision tools, a steady hand and a keen eye are needed for fine glass restoration and repairing the object to its near original condition.

The market value of art glass sculpture continues to rise and preservation is of paramount importance in order to protect your investment. When broken, you will need to rely on a skilled professional to complete your glass restoration. One that has all the tools and a passion for the work is your first choice to consider. The specialists in their field ply their trade of restoration with manufacturers such as Tiffany, Lalique, Steuben and Murano glass repair to name a few.

Look for someone who is dedicated to their craft; has studied all of the premier glass makers and designers under the best professors and has devoted their life to restoring the antique glass art that you have come to cherish.

Michael Bokrosh has been studying, designing and performing glass art restoration for nearly 40 years. Trust your Murano glass repair to an expert. Your damaged glass can have a new life by calling 206-941-7976.

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