Steuben Glass Repair - Using Miracle Epoxies
Can be Risky Business

Steuben Glass Repair

The movie "Risky Business," starring Tom Cruise, made his mother's prized Steuben glass egg famous when it goes missing from the mantelpiece; only to reappear with a crack in it. The father tells him that he will have to buy another one to replace it. Little did he know that there are glass sculpture professionals in the USA that specialize in glass restoration?  

Since 1903, Steuben glass has made all kinds of glass art from fruit bowls and figurines to exclusive sculptures gifted to American presidents and other famous people.  Steuben’s unique design signatures are its elegant, naturally flowing shapes, and the reflection of the light spectrum on its famously crystal clear glass pieces. Steuben glass sculptures can cost anywhere from a few thousand to almost a hundred thousand dollars depending on the item.

Regrettably, accidents do happen and things can get broken when you have kids, pets, or even friends over for a dinner party.  Whether it is your favorite Steuben glass piece or a one of a kind Daum, Lalique or Tiffany glass art sculpture, there is always a chance that something may happen to it. In rare cases, the piece may be almost completely destroyed, and in others you may just not want to bother with having it repaired and decide to replace it instead. Sadly beautiful glass treasures often get relegated to being stuck in a closet or laying under a bed for years after they are broken!

Sadly Steuben Glass is no longer in business, and hence the popularity of their glass sculptures are only increasing, it may become even more difficult to get your hands on the piece you are looking for. This makes the need for Steuben glass repair a more prospective option. No one wants to take the chance of using a simple glue or store bought repair kit for repairing such a treasured item. Off the shelf epoxies and other local glass window repair businesses will be detrimental to the value of your Steuben glass.

Always consider having a professional Steuben glass restoration expert do this work for you.

These experts will often be able to bring your glass sculpture to a condition that is so close to original, even the original artist would have a hard time noticing the restoration. Depending on the damage that is done, and whether some of the pieces are missing, this could take some time to foment the restoration. In the end the wait will be well worth it; as the value and beauty of your Steuben glass piece was restored so that you and your friends can continue to appreciate it for years to come.

Sometimes, a damaged glass art piece can be restored to a condition that will increase the value significantly. Hence a good glass sculpture repair expert is a valuable asset, especially if you like to buy, trade, or sell these fine pieces. It is often possible to find slightly damaged sculptures at garage sales or the Salvation Army and have them restored to pristine condition to add to your collection. 

Bokrosh Studio is equipped to handle all of your Steuben glass repair needs, whether it is a Steuben glass egg that has been handed down by your mother or a glass sculpture that you intend on selling. With over 41 years of experience we have the knowledge and creativity to restore almost any glass sculpture. Don’t let just anyone handle your precious treasures. No one else will take the care we do to ensure that even the smallest detail is not overlooked.

If you want your glass art repair to be a work of art, give us a call at 206-941-7976. Bokrosh Studio doesn’t only offer glass repair, we also have been creating our own collectable optical glass sculptures for over 30 years.

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