Restore your Investment with Steuben and Tiffany Glass Repair

Some of our investments are financially sound. Others are risky and the bottom can fall out at any time. Still others are fragile. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t recoup your investment by engaging in the services of an expert in the field of glass restoration.

Whether it is Tiffany glass repair of a lamp or a decorative crystal giraffe from Steuben, nearly every piece of glass sculpture can be restored to near new condition. There are experts in the field who have designed works of glass and learned the restoration process. As this undertaking is so precision oriented, they have studied at some of the finest schools in Europe and around the world.

It takes many years to become an accomplished glass art designer and restoration expert. Precision tools, proper adhesives, a keen eye, and rock steady hands are the prescription for bringing new glass sculpture to life and re-creating damaged glass to its near original form.

After 109 years, Steuben Glass has closed its doors which may well contribute to the appreciation in value of their many art glass sculptures. New pieces of a various limited editions are still available from the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

Steuben glass repair is one of the many art forms tackled by expert glass restorers and it can often be more challenging due to the transparency of the piece. The last Steuben glass that was colored is reported to be from 1943. Their focus from the last half century has been on clear glass and has produced stemware, crystal bowls, candy dishes, and candlesticks.

Figurines of animals and people such as Eskimos fishing are beautifully designed and in some cases accented with gold or sterling silver to bring out the quality of the pieces. Steuben glassware includes gifts for the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II as well as the glass slipper from Cinderella that is housed in the castle at Disney World, Florida.

Regardless of your piece you need an expert to perform Tiffany glass repair or Steuben glass repair work in order to bring it back to life and maintain the value of your investment.

Steuben glass repair equally demands the fine hand of a dedicated craftsman. Other types of glass such as Lalique, Waterford, Daum and Chihuly continue to appreciate in value and, if the unfortunate happens, they may be restored to its near original condition. It is said that in some cases, only an expert would be able to detect the repair.

Bokrosh Studios in Seattle, WA has been designing original glass artwork and Tiffany glass repair since 1985. There is no challenge too great and that includes the intricacy of a Steuben glass repair. Contact us at 206-941-7976 for more information. Bokrosh Studio also creates their own fine art glass sculptures made out of optical glass the finest glass on earth.

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