Peg K. - Newtown Square, PA

Bokrosh Studio did a superb repair on my Steuben Frosted Penguin. Michael and I spoke at length by phone about the penguin's unfortunate broken "nose". I am on the East coast, his studio is on the West coast. He provided excellent guidelines on how to package and ship my precious glass art to him for evaluation. Upon receipt of the package, we spoke at length once again, and Mr. Bokrosh gave me several options for glass repairs, none of which he felt totally confident of due to the nature of the break in the glass. I appreciated his honesty and decided to authorize a repair at a relatively modest cost based on the reputation of his studio. I was extremely pleased when the meticulously wrapped penguin returned home; to my eye the glass looks as good as new. I would not hesitate to recommend Bokrosh and his Steuben Glass Repair Studio.

Mark F. - Danville, CA

Bokrosh Studio did a fantastic job of restoring my precious Steuben Eagle! Michael Bokrosh is a true Artist. I cannot recommend his work enough! I will send him more of my fine crystal to his capable hands.

Celine G. - Montreal, Canada

I cannot thank Bokrosh Glass Art Restoration Studio enough for repairing my precious Murano necklace! I was in Seattle for business for a few days, and could arrange the repair of my necklace during the time I was there - most appreciated! The service was personalized and excellent - my necklace was repaired by the time I had to fly back home.

Art B. - Bonita Springs, FL

I have a large piece of Murano glass that is very dear to me since it's one of the first very nice items my late wife and I acquired many years ago. A few months ago it toppled over and shattered on a tile floor. I thought there was no way it could ever be fixed but it was important enough to try. We sent it to Michael Bokrosh in Seattle from our winter home in Southwest Florida. We got it back yesterday. To my absolute amazement it is impossible to tell there had ever even been a crack in it. His workmanship and attitude are beyond reproach. I am absolutely flabbergasted. If I ever have another unfortunate incident involving Murano glass repair I would not hesitate to use this extraordinary service. It was worth every penny.

Joann - Brooklyn, NY

After I had an accident with a shelf that had fallen in my curio cabinet, a cherished gold leaf and crystal Murano decanter and wine glass set from Venice, Italy looked like it would be beyond repair. Also, several of my Swarovski pieces were in bad shape. I called the Bokrosh Art Glass Repair studio and spoke to Michael Bokrosh who guided me on how to wrap them to send to him. We later spoke and he gave me several options on how to fix them to their original beauty. I was delighted when they were returned like they were never broken. I can now pass them along to my children thanks Bokrosh Studio.

Erin H. - Seattle, WA

Amazing! I broke a family heirloom wedding glass, and they managed to restore it to perfect condition! I don't know how they did it, but it was like magic. I highly recommend Bokrosh Crystal Glass Repair.

Larry S. - Jacksonville, FL

Michael Bokrosh is a true artisan in this day and time. We spoke at length about the Steuben glass repairs I wanted him to make to my Steuben Lion. He advised me on how to package this piece for shipping so that it would arrive safely. Michael called me once he had the Lion in hand and explained the glass art repairs in detail. Two were minor but one was much more delicate. In skilled hands the surgery went well. The Lion was beautifully restored with no signs it had ever been damaged. If you have a treasured piece of crystal glass to repair I would recommend Michael Bokrosh to evaluate and handle your glass restoration.

Todd K. - Saint John's FL

What a fantastic artist. A good friend brought me a beautiful piece of expensive Murano glass back from a trip to Italy. While cleaning the mantle my wife accidentally dropped the glass stopper causing extensive damage. Because it was my favorite art piece I was very disappointed and did not believe that the damage was repairable. After a search I discovered Michael Bokrosh Murano glass repair on the internet. We talked about the problem and I sent him photos. He was optimistic that he could do something to salvage the piece so I shipped the bottle and stopper (carefully following his instructions for shipping). When he received the piece he asked for a little time to think about how he could repair it. After a few days he called me with a plan and a reasonable price. The result: Awesome! What an artist. He took the damaged stopper and was able to remove the damaged edges and reshape it to look as if it was original. What an impressive artist. Michael is also a very fair businessman (sometimes a rare combination). I would highly recommend him: A great talent at a fair price & easy to work with.

Nick J. - Los Angeles, CA

I called Michael out of the blue for a consult on a large and very damaged contemporary glass cast sculpture. He took all the time I needed explaining clearly what my various options were depending on the level of perfection needed. Ultimately, I have not had the piece worked on yet but as a glassblower and someone who has experience with other restorers in my professional life I appreciated both Michael's extensive knowledge and reasonable rough estimates. I most certainly will be giving him a call if I decide to move forward with my contemporary glass repair project.

Amy B. - Mount Pleasant, SC

This artist is surely one of the most professional and talented that I have ever had the fortune of working with. Hand blown glass is a real art and to be able to fix a piece when it is broken to me is even a greater art. My mother had given me a beautiful paperweight that was one of my greatest possessions and he was able to single-handedly resurrect the piece after it had fallen on the floor and cracked and bruised. It is now in perfect condition. I am amazed and so thankful I found Michael and Bokrosh Glass Repair Studio. I cannot thank you enough, Michael!

Teresa E. - Seattle, WA

Michael beautifully repaired an Antique Glass Lamp shade that several others turned down. He communicated clearly what needed to be done, was very fast, and then fixed it beyond my expectation; thought I was going to cry. Thoroughly recommend and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again.

Paul H. - Portland, OR

We bought a crystal sculpture created by Guyol 25 years ago comprised of 18 individual unique elements. Eight years ago, I broke one and the studio replaced it from their inventory for a modest cost. This year, one more broke but the artist had retired and closed the studio. Michael studied the broken pieces. The design was very complex as not only was the shape irregular, but the single element contained varied degrees of opaqueness. Because of the composition of this artist's glass, Michael determined that he would collaborate with second artist and together they recreated a new piece that was perfect in every way. His enthusiasm for his Contemporary Glass Repair work and for life in general made it a pleasure to work with him. The work was done on the schedule he promised and the price quoted.

Nella Lee - Poulsbo, WA

I sent some antique glass to Bokrosh Studio for an appraisal to repair the pieces. While I ultimately did not get the glass repaired, Mr. Bokrosh was very honest in his estimate for the work that needed to be done & very helpful in getting things shipped back to me.

Deirdre R. Gloucester - Courthouse VA

Bokrosh Waterford Glass Repair Studio recently restored a badly damaged, irreplaceable collectible crystal Waterford Christmas Flute. When I say his work is amazing, you really almost have to see it to believe it! You would never know it was even damaged let alone broken in half. His work is flawless, truly museum quality, and I am grateful. I searched the country for high quality yet affordable repair to my heirloom item, and he far exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend Bokrosh Studio for all your crystal restoration needs. I was impressed with his fast, professional service, and would use Bokrosh Glass Restoration Studio again should I ever damage another valuable piece of crystal. Thank you Bokrosh Studio for your high quality work.

Donna W. - Seattle, WA

I just picked up at Bokrosh Murano Glass Repair Studio, three pieces of glass that Michael repaired and he did a fabulous job. I would never have guessed that they had ever been repaired, they looked just like new. We are so fortunate to have someone like him in Seattle, that does such quality work. We glass collectors appreciate his talent as accidents do happen.

Greg W. - Seattle, WA

I'm sharing my few interactions with Michael because he was able to come up with an ingenious fix for a glass problem I had, which no one else had proposed. And I am very pleased with the results. I'd made an impulsive purchase of a gorgeous 4 foot long blue glass depiction of a salmon run on Copper Creek, knowing that it had a break on one corner that had been re-glued, but really wanting to believe the salesperson when he said that I shouldn't be concerned about that ...that I just needed to be careful when I moved the glass around. By the time I reached home the glued corner had fallen off. I liked the art so much, however, that I wanted to see if I could save it with a reattachment that lasted. All the glass repair shops I contacted recommended better glues with minor differences in technique. As a long time believer in "seek and ye shall find," I decided to keep calling until I sensed the door opening....which happened when one glass repair shop unreservedly recommended contacting Bokrosh Glass Restoration Studio. Walking into Michael Bokrosh's shop was an experience as he approached, clearly in his element. We talked. He looked at my art. Silence...then out of the blue he recommended that rather than re-gluing, that he refinish the broken edge so that it was indistinguishable from the remaining good edge. And so it was. That edge now looks like it was part of the original art, and any background concerns I might have had about when that corner would fall...just never happened. I'm impressed.

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