The Beauty Of Murano Art Glass Is Simply Without Compare
A Treasured Family Heirloom For Generations
But When It Is Broken Or Damaged.What Do You Do?

Find A Glass Conservation Expert Who Specializes In Murano Glass Repair Who Can Bring Life Back To That Beautiful Piece

Murano art glass sculpture and chandeliers make beautiful additions to any home. In many cases, these exquisite pieces of art are passed down from one generation to the next as family heirlooms. Often they are purchased while visiting the island of Murano and retain that special vacation memory.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. And although these items are made with the highest attention to detail and quality, it is possible for them to become damaged.

If you find yourself with damaged Murano art glass, don’t fret! Find a Murano glass repair service that has the skill and experience to restore that beautiful piece. Experience matters – and to ensure the best possible results, choose your repair specialist wisely.

Depending upon the severity of the damage, a Murano glass repair expert may need to do the following in order to restore your piece to its original beauty:

  • Grind the affected area in order to smooth out the damage
  • Polish the piece in order to restore its original luster  
  • Create new parts and seamlessly integrate them into the design
  • Inject epoxy into the damaged area in order to seal and repair the damage

Of course, if the piece is used for eating or drinking, extra care needs to be taken in order to ensure the repair will not impact food or drink contained in the object. In addition, it is essential to hire a glass conservation specialist that has experience repairing a variety of Murano glass sculptures.

When looking for a glass conservation service to perform Murano glass repair, check reference information, review samples or photos of past work, and seek references from past clients. In addition to making certain the glass conservation specialist has the experience necessary to get the job done right, you also want to be sure the provider has access to replacement parts. This means your repaired piece will look beautiful and fully restored.

Before you decide on any glass conservation specialist to make repairs to your Murano glass art, do some shopping around. You may find it is generally less expensive to have a piece repaired; replacement costs on many Murano glass objects today can be many times higher than the original cost. And do you really want to ship that broken sculpture all way back to Italy to be repaired and possibly have it returned to you broken once again?

Of course, if the piece is a family heirloom, the replacement value is limitless. In this case, you certainly want to be sure to hire the very best Murano glass repair expert possible.

Ensure future generations have your Murano art glass to treasure for years to come. A quality, experienced glass conservation professional can provide just that.

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