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Tiffany or Steuben glass repair

Tiffany glass sculptures add a definite personality to a living or dining room area, and even some Baccarat glassware can quickly become the topic of an elegant dinner party and a Lalique glass vase holding beautiful flowers is nothing to shy away from.

Any type of damage to a Tiffany or Baccarat glass piece can quickly change a work of art into a broken heart. Having your Tiffany glass repaired by a skilled artisan is well worth the time and money to have it fixed. Besides restoring the value of your elegant work of glass art, it will also give you peace of mind and your friends and family can continue appreciating your cherished piece as it was intended in its original state.

An experienced Tiffany or Steuben glass repair expert can often transform your damaged glass collectable back to its original state with several processes used by knowledgeable glass repair specialists. In some cases, the damaged Steuben piece cannot be put back in its original state, and an experienced craftsman will have to creatively fix the piece so that it resembles the original as closely as possible. This is where decades of experience become vital to the glass restoration process as each step of the restoration requires a great deal of skill and patience. Overworking the process at any time can damage the glass, especially when grinding or polishing or if cheap glue has been used in attempt to “fix” your glass art.

Tiffany, Baccarat, and Steuben glass repair may involve similar processes, but can vary drastically when considering the fine details.

When restoring glass art, the person doing the work should understand and have an appreciation for the artist’s intent and techniques used during its creation. This will allow the restorer to more closely match the repaired piece to the original and decide which method will be the best to restore each individual glass art piece. A professional glass art restorer will know intimately the skill and techniques that were used in making of each individual piece. They will also have an understanding of the era in which a piece was crafted, knowing what materials and tools were most used and available during that time period.  Good communication is also very critical during the Tiffany repair process in order to understand what the client is seeking as their end result and what is ultimately possible to achieve.

Michael Bokrosh has over 41 years of experience in Tiffany glass repair, as well as all the other well known glass artworks. With his skill and creativity, we guarantee no one else will be as detailed in fixing even the least noticeable defects in your glass art. Contact us at Bokrosh Studio for all of your Tiffany as well as Baccarat glass repair needs and experience the transformation of your beloved item by giving us a call at 206-941-7976.

Bokrosh Studio doesn’t just offer glass restoration; we also have been creating our own collectable optical glass sculptures for over 30 years!

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