The Types of Glass That Can Be Repaired At Bokrosh Studio

As a glass sculpture artist since the 1980s, Michael Bokrosh of Seattle-based Bokrosh Studio has spent many years creating fine art glass sculptures. But it doesn't end there. The studio also specializes in glass and crystal repair, restoring everything from chandeliers to figurines. Because many of these pieces are irreplaceable, glass art repair can make all the difference in the world, restoring timeless art glass sculptures to their former glory.

Bokrosh Studio works to repair and restore a variety of different types of glass, including Steuben glass, Lalique and Daum glass, Libensky Brychtova glass and Murano glass to only name a few. Here's a little bit of background on each type.

  • Steuben Glass: The company that first produced Steuben glass, called Steuben Glass Works, was founded in 1903. The glass is used to make everything from glass candlesticks and fruit bowls to figurines that double as pieces of art glass sculpture. Since they are no longer in business, professionals who can repair Steuben glass are rare, but restoring these pieces can increase their value. It was a great loss for the US when Steuben Glass Works closed as they were the signature crystal manufactures known around the world.
  • Lalique and Daum Glass: Specializing mainly in jewelry and glass sculpture, pieces crafted by French artist Rene Jules Lalique have an extreme attention to detail, adding to their unique design. Another French company called Daum created glass and crystal lamps and vases in the 1800s as well as colored glass sculptures. Lalique and Daum glass repair requires a very specific expertise.
  • Libensky Brychtova Glass: Stanislav Libensky and his partner Jaroslava Brychtova worked together in the 1950s to create pieces of art that changed the art glass world forever. Their pieces caused a major evolution in the use of glass for art. Libensky Brychtova glass repair requires an artist that understands the creators' vision and works to restore the piece without any flaws.
  • Murano Glass: Art crafted with Murano glass, also known as Venetian glass, is some of the most treasured in the industry. Used to make colorful, collectible pieces including chandeliers, figurines and artwork, Murano glass comes from the Venice area - specifically the island of Murano. When seeking Murano glass repair experts, search for someone with both artistry and repair experience.

Are you looking for professional glass restoration expert who can repair Steuben glass or specializes in Lalique and Daum glass repair, Libensky Brychtova glass repair or Murano glass repair, in New York, San Francisco, Florida, Los Angeles or the greater US? Bokrosh Studio has been performing glass art repair and creating original glass sculptures since 1985. With 44 years of glass sculpture restoration experience, you can be sure your precious glass object is in capable hands. Contact our repair and restoration professionals by calling (206) 860-9748 Call the experts today at (206) 860-9748.

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