A Chandelier Is For More Than Just The Dining Room. But What Do You Do When Your Chandelier Is Broken & In Need Of Repair?

Murano Chandelier

In many homes today, a chandelier can be found in more places than just the dining room. In fact, a beautiful chandelier is often designed into the room to be one of the focal points.

A beautiful chandelier is something that can be awe-inspiring in a well decorated room. True, it does provide a great source of lighting, but it also helps set the tone for a room. From bright, well lit and attentive, to subtle and romantic, a chandelier provides real room ambience.

In fact, when used in the dining room, many times just one chandelier is not enough when lighting a larger dining table. By covering the entire table area with matching chandeliers, you not only create a more dramatic room, but add the lighting that more than six diners often require. Add a dimmer switch on both, and you can offer an intimate dining affair, or serve a larger more formal affair.

Throughout the home, decorators today use contemporary, retro and antique chandeliers everywhere. Even beyond the dining room, a chandelier adds beauty, visual effect and drama to a room’s ambience. Chandeliers are often seen in foyers, hallways, master suites, master baths, enlarged walk-in closets, and in family rooms and game rooms over bars, game tables and billiard tables. The opportunities are virtually endless!

But what do you do when your chandelier is broken?

Well the first thing you need to do is to remain calm. Chandelier repair is possible, and many times virtually invisible when completed properly. Whether your chandelier is contemporary, crystal or a treasured antique, it can likely be repaired.

But in order to ensure a quality chandelier repair, you need to find a professional with the skill and experience you need to restore your chandelier to its former beauty. You will find that there is indeed a skilled professional out there with the experience you need in crystal chandelier repair or antique glass chandelier repair.

Whether you have broken or missing crystal or glass arms, finials, beads, chains, balls or spears, the professional with the right experience will be able to assess the damage and offer suggestions for restoration and repair.

Beyond experience, your selected repair professional should be able to use innovative and creative methods for completing the repair. They should be able to explain how the repair will be done, how visible or invisible the repair work will be upon completion, describe any anticipated complications or difficulties, and provide the approximate repair time frame and cost. Also, they should be able to offer photos of past projects which may be similar to your repair.

If you have suffered damage to your chandelier and need professional crystal chandelier repair or antique glass chandelier repair, find an experienced professional who will be able to give you back the lustrous beauty it once offered, in whatever room of your home it called home.

Are you looking for a chandelier repair expert in New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago? Bokrosh Studio has been completing top-quality crystal chandelier repair and antique glass chandelier repair since 1985. With over 40 years of experience in the glass sculpture and glass repair industry, you can be sure your beloved chandelier is in good hands. Contact our chandelier repair and restoration professionals by calling 206-941-7976.

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