What do you look for in a Venetian glass repair expert?

When your Venetian art glass sculpture breaks, you do not have to fret. Instead of throwing out the sculpture, you can take your damage glass sculpture to an artist or art studio with experience in Venetian glass repair. It is essential for your Murano glass sculpture that the individual you hire to repair the damage have knowledge of the Venetian glass art form. This working knowledge will be essential to restore the glass art piece back to its original condition.

Looking for a Venetian glass repair expert will help prolong the life of your damaged art glass sculpture. You, however, need to make sure they fully know their craft. Asking about their education and their artistic background will give you the information you need to know about the level of expertise they have in glass repair. In addition, you should ask to see before and after pictures of previously repaired art glass sculptures; a portfolio should clearly demonstrate the damage of various sculptures and how the sculptures were fixed.

To ensure, you have the right glass art studio hired to repair your art piece, conduct some online research about your own art glass sculptures. Most likely, you already did the research before purchasing the art glass sculpture however there is always more information to be learned. This knowledge base about your particular glass sculpture will allow you to ask specific questions about the type of glass and colors used by the restoration expert. Knowing your art piece will help you pick the right Venetian glass repair master to restore it.

Before hiring someone to repair your glass sculpture, you should ask the person about what information they know about the art glass history of the piece. It is also important that the conservationist know what materials were used in the process of creating the glass sculpture. There is a long and varied history concerning Venetian glass art. Venetian glass art sculpture can be tracked to the 1200s around the time when artists fled to Venice. By the sixteenth century, Venetian artists began to establish a unique status for color, decorative practices, and transparency in glasswork. Even centuries later, the demand is still substantial.

The need for Venetian glass repair experts is in high demand and at, Michael Bokrosh has devoted his life to working with and repairing art glass sculptures. He has almost four decades of education, skill, and experience in glass repair. He understands the importance of every glass sculpture coming into his studio because he is an artist himself. He is even able to provide you with one-of-a-kind newly formed glass sculptures for your home or glass restoration of your broken art glass sculptures.

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