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When It Comes To Venetian Repair And Restoration Glass Artisans Must Be Familiar With Proper Techniques

As the name implies, Venetian glass originated from Venice, Italy. World-renowned for being elaborate and colorfully decorated, Venetian glass is popular among those who enjoy collecting glass artwork as well as glass sculpture.

Due to the high quality of Venetian glass, coupled with the rich history that many pieces are associated with, those who do own these pieces are looking for someone who specializes in Venetian glass repairand restoration. By doing so, they can be certain their pieces will be properly cared for and restored to their original beauty.

Venetian glass has a long and rich history dating back to the 1200s, at which time some artisans fled to Venice. More artisans came to Venice in 1453, after the Ottamans took Constantinople. By the sixteenth century, Venetian artisans had established a reputation for the color, decorative technique and especially for the transparency of the glassused in their glasswork. Soon, people throughout Europe were demanding these beautiful pieces.

Today, demand remains high for this glass sculpture. Even those that have been damaged or worn are highly regarded. Of course, these pieces require the expertise of someone who specializes in Venetian glass repair in order to bring them back to their original glory.

When it comes to Venetian glass restoration, glass artisans must be familiar with the materials, colors, techniques and tools that were used in the making of the original pieces. In this way, the glass artisan can use the proper materials and the proper techniques to restore the glass to its original grandeur.

Some of the techniques that Venetian glass masters might be employed when making Venetian glass include:

  • Murrine
    Involves layering colored liquid glass and then stretching it into long rods before slicing them into cross-sections to create a layered pattern
  • Filigree
    A form of cane-working
  • Enamel painting
  • Glass engraving
  • Gold engraving
  • Submersion

Of course, someone who specializes in Venetian glass repair and restoration must also be familiar with these techniques. Before trusting a Venetian glass piece with a glass restoration and repair specialist, it would be prudent to discuss the techniques that will be used in the restoration beforehand.

While most people don’t need to know all of the technical details, having a basic idea of the glass repair process is beneficial. Not only will this help you feel more comfortable with what is going to be done to your piece, but it will also help you more effectively judge the skills and knowledge of the person who will be repairing or restoring your glass sculpture.

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