What Makes Libensky Glass So Special?

Libensky glass sculpture repair
Libenský Repair

There’s no doubt about it—Libensky glass is incredibly special. As a rare type of sculpture art that is also very valuable, it doesn’t come as any surprise that it’s highly sought after. But what is it about Libensky art that makes it so unique?

Czech artist Stanislav Libensky partnered with Jaroslava Brychtova to create extremely memorable art in the 1940s and 50s. They brought new techniques to the world of glass sculpture art, allowing them to create pieces that were completely unique for their time. They found interesting ways to manipulate the surface of the glass and the way it intersects, and considered light to be a fourth dimension on all of their art. They experimented with molding and melting glass as well. Every move they made with each piece had a purpose and their techniques created stunning, original artwork that was more than vases and décor. Their work marked the early inclusion of glass in architecture.

As one of the most important glass artists to collectors and art aficionados, it’s important to fix broken art glass. Antique glass repair is a popular field, but only a select few are flawlessly skilled in Libensky glass repair. Because Libensky glass is so special, you don’t want to try repairing it on your own or with someone who isn’t trusted to work on such an important artifact.

With direct experience with Libensky glass repair—and over 40 years of antique glass repair experience in general—you can be assured that your Libensky glassware will be in safe hands at Bokrosh Studios in Seattle.

This type of glass can be grinded, polished and softened to restore rough edges and irregularities. Pieces that have broken off can be reattached with a special epoxy or replacement pieces can be shaped and added. Either way, you will have peace of mind knowing that we are restoring your Libensky artwork to its original quality. Contact our repair and restoration professionals today at (206) 860-9748

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